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    22mm heater cuffs manufactured by Saito.These heated cuffs have a simple design and are non-slip because they are made of rubber.It has five levels of heat that can be graduated through a splashproof push-button and glove.The pre-assembled wiring harness is ready to install. It is equipped with discrete black patent connectors (with reverse polarity protection) and cable terminals to connect to the battery.The ends of the handle can be carefully cut open to install handlebar mirrors or handlebar flashers.These cuffs are suitable for motorcycles with 12 V electric system and battery capacity of at least 6 Ah.We do not recommend connecting the heated grips directly to the battery.Valid for 22mm handlebars.Clamping length is 130 mmPlastics and Rubber35 mm outer diameterThe measures of the keypad are 36 x 36 x 18 mm.Current Consumption: Level 1: 10.5W / Level 2: 16 W / Level 3: 27 W / Level 4: 35 W / Level 5: 43 WKeep your hands warm with these 22mm suction cuffs  

  • Brake pads manufactured by Saito. Valid for models Kawasaki EN500 from 1994 to 1995. Brake pads large special life, excellent friction and therefore good braking. Outstanding braking performance on wet. One of the excellent features of this material is its long service life. The indicated price is per game for a brake disc. Note: The brake pads sintered metal can be used with all steel brake discs.

  • PASTILLAS DE FRENO TRASERAS SAITO YAMAHA XV1600 WILD STAR Producido por Saito, fabricante de accesorios de motos. Rendimiento de frenado sobre mojado excepcional Una de las excelentes características de este material es su larga vida de servicio Componentes metálicos cerámicos especiales en las pastillas de freno orgánicas que reducen la transferencia de calor al sistema hidráulico El precio indicado es por juego para un disco de freno.Usted debe observar las instrucciones de seguridad impresas en el embalaje, así como las indicaciones del fabricante del vehículo. Pastillas para el freno trasero Validas para Yamaha XV1600 WILD STAR (VP08)

  • JUNTA DE ESCAPE PARA SUZUKIDe alta calidad de escape junta del colector entre la culata y el colector.Producido en calidad de primer equipo a las especificaciones de los fabricantes de motocicletas japonesas.Disponible para muchos modelos diferentes. Venta por unidad Valido para los siguientes modelos: SUZUKI VS 600 GL/GLU (VN51B) SUZUKI LS 650 P/F (NP41B) SUZUKI VS 750 GLP/GLF (VR51B) SUZUKI C 800 INTRUDER (WVBM/09) SUZUKI C 800 INTRUDER (WVBM/05) SUZUKI VS 800 GL (VS52B) SUZUKI VX 800 / U (VS51B/96) SUZUKI VX 800 / U (VS51B) SUZUKI VX 800 / U (VS51B/95) SUZUKI VZ 800 MARAUDER (VZ800) SUZUKI VS 1400 GLP (VX51L/96) [-2002] SUZUKI VS 1400 INTRUD. (VX51L) SUZUKI VL 1500 INTRUDE (AL/WVAL) Estos articulos se servirá en un plazo máximo de 15 dias hábiles       

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    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.* Extremely long lifespan and very high starting power!    * With great reserves of strength!    * ISO 9001 certified product    * Supplied with screws, nuts and a detailed instruction manual.    * The batteries are empty before installation, you will have to fill it with acid, which is not included and must be ordered separately.    * After installation, the acid level should be checked once a month and adjusted with distilled water not included, must be ordered separately (ref 10038020).    * IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check before the first filling installation and, if the battery fits (dimensions), that the poles and the ventilation grid are in the right place. Please read carefully the instructions that are included, since the battery once installed and filled with acid is a product that has no return.Valid for the following brands and models:H-D SPORTST. DELUXE (XLH-883D)H-D SPORTST. HUGGER (XLH-HUGGER) [BJ. 79-96]H-D SPORTSTER 883 (XLH-883) [BJ. 79-96]H-D CAFE RACER XLCR (XLCR)H-D SPORTST.XR-1000 (XR-1000)H-D SPORTSTER 1100 (XLH-1100)H-D SPORTST. CUSTOM (XLH-1200C) [BJ. -96]H-D SPORTSTER 1200 (XLH-1200) [BJ. -96]H-D SPORTSTER SPORT (XLH-1200S) [BIS BJ. 96]H-D SUPER GL. 1200 (FX-74) [MIT E-STARTER 79-86]H-D FAT BOY (FLSTF) [BJ. 86-90]H-D HERITAGE CLAS. (FLSTC) [BJ. 87-90]H-D SOFT. SPRINGER (FXSTS) [BJ. 87-90]H-D SOFTAIL CUSTOM (FXSTC) [BJ. -90]H-D SPORT GLIDE (FXRT)H-D SUPER GL. 1340 (FX-80)H-D SUPER GLIDE (FXRS)