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  • Chain cleaning and lubrication device manufactured by Kettenmax.A clean solution to lubricate and clean your chain.It increases the useful life of your chain by 200-300% and saves the cost of chain replacement in a short time.A chain with maintenance Kettenmax stretches 30% less.The lubricant is not applied directly and thus does not stain the rear tire, rim or chassis but it is applied directly inside the chain with the Kettenmax system.You will also save money because you only spend the necessary lubricant without wasting anything.Contaminated and excessive fluids are removed and collected in a controlled mannerThe kit includes the Kettenmax system, tube and adapter range for spray pumps, pump filling bottle and detailed instructions for use.NOTE: The chain grease or cleaner is sold separately.The most common cause of a broken chain is the lack of maintenance so this Kettenmax system can not miss to always have your motorcycle ready.