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  • Round license plate light with LED technology.It has an M6 mounting bolt.Measurement: Diameter: 13mm, Length: 16mmchrome finishAPPROVEDPrice by unit 

  • Flashing led sora sequential lens smoked The sequential LED flashing sora smoked lens have the following characteristics: • Flash frequency is executed from the inside to the outer side and creates acleaning effect• Dimensions: 85 mm, Height: 23 mm, Depth: 20 mm• Rubber stem: 15 mm.• Weight: 34 g Approved Price for couples If you are looking for the latest in flashers, the sequential led LED sora lens lights will be your best choice

  • Catadia-optric red rectangular sticker approved Catadaoptric red rectangular sticker approved for easy installation thanks to a high quality adhesive tape located on the back Dimensions: Width: 132 mm, Height: 13 mm, Depth: 9 mm,Reflector surface: width: 129 mm, height: 10 mm Approved Price by unit Reduced in size, this catadooptric red rectangular adhesive sticker will be your best choice

  • Flashing led multiface Shin Yo white quality. Made of resistant plastic. Dimensions of the housing:Total length: 62 mm Light width: 18 mm. Depth of the body: 22 mm max.Other features:12 V / 1.3 W Threaded screw M8 x 1.25 For front and rear. Connection of the indicator arm 14 mm.Sale per couple. E-approved Note: Resistors or an intermittent relay may be necessary to ensure correct flicker speed. Flashing led multiface Shin Yo white quality that facilitates safety and vision on the road.

  • Black linen handlebar mirror Mirror black linen handlebar of great quality and finish Approved Price by unit Valid for 7/8 "(22 mm) handlebars Installs on the right or left side With the mirror black linen handlebar you will change the aesthetics of your bike

  • Flashing led multiface Shin Yo black large design. Rugged plastic housing and rubber on the bottom.Dimensions of the plastic housing: Total length: 62 mmLight width: 18 mm.Depth of the body: 22 mm max.12 V / 1.3 WThreaded screw M8 x 1.25For front and rear.E-approvedConnection of the indicator arm 14 mm.They are sold by couple.Note: Resistors or an intermittent relay may be necessary to ensure correct flicker speed. Flashing led multiface Shin Yo black with an innovative flashing light for better visibility on the road. "Documents". "Documents".

  • Flashing led Shin Yo Drop black quality. Rugged plastic housing with transparent lens. This Shin Yo Drop Flashing LED is extremely small and drop shaped. 12V / 0.6W LEDsDimensions (width x height x width): 33 x 20 x 22 mmapprox. 11 mm long M6 x 1.00 threadReady to install.E-approved only as a rear turn signal.9 mm indicator arm connection.They are sold by couple.Flashing led Shin Yo Drop of great design and quality that you can not miss.

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    Black quality Shin-Yo mirrors. Black and round Shin-Yo mirrors with a convex lens. They also feature a short, straight shank with an adjustable joint. Dimensions: Diameter of the lens: approx. 94 mmDiameter of the head: 99.5 mmShank length: approx. 65 mm (to the center of the mounting hole)Height with the shank: approx. 140 mmMounting hole for M6Price per couple Important note:The bolt used must be approx. 10 mm longer to join the mirror to the existing weights at the end of the bar.Black Shin-Yo mirrors that in addition to giving a new look to your motorcycle provide security.

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    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article. Mirror stem made of aluminum with chrome finish.A joint in the mirror arm provides a multitude of orientation possibilities to improve the rear view.Suitable for left and right sides.Includes an additional adapter with a M10 x 1.25 mm left hand thread for Yamaha.Approximate measurements:Width of the mirror body: 120 mmHeight of the mirror body: 60 mmScrews: M10 x 1.25 mmPrice by unitMirror perfect for maintaining a classic air or for the transformation that you want.

  • High visibility and small size LED flashers. Housing made of very resistant abs with black finish. Measures: 11 x 25 x 15 mm. Thread M8 x 1.25 and 19 mm long. Led flashers with clear lens with amber leds. Approved. Price per couple. The LED indicators are perfect for any transformation or modification.

  • Led flashlights manufactured by Shin-yo Multiface styleThese blinkers with a character feature a strip of powerful LEDs inside a sturdy white plastic housing with a rubber stem.Housing dimensions: 62mm total length, 50mm length up to the thread, 18mm wide and 22mm deep.12 V / 1.2 WThread of M8 x 1,25.Suitable for both front and back.HOMOLOGATEDPrice per coupleIf you are thinking of changing the indicators of your motorcycle these led flashers Shin-yo Multiface are a very good option.

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    Smoked Led rear lamp manufactured by Shin Yo.Nice smoky design with red light and white light for registration.Tight black metal housing with two M4 screws on the back that you can place in any location.Measures 84 x 25 x 37 mmAPPROVEDThe Smoked Led Shin I is the perfect driver to give your motorcycle a personalized touch.

  • Black rear lamp with LED technology and license plate holder.With metal housing.LED technology.Approved E-ApprovedPerfect for quality lighting and at the same time be able to mount the license plate so that it is integrated.

  • High Quality Original Smoked Rear PilotValid for almost all Harley Davidson models 73-98Smoked lensApproved E approvedLED technology.With this smoked rear light you will give the touch that was missing for your Harley Davidson

  • reduced design4 LED 12V / 0.6 WVery flexible and with 3M adhesive for proper installation.Dimensions: 13.5mm x 61mm x 5mmIt includes wiringAPPROVEED

  • PILOTO TRASERO OLD SCHOOL BLACK Piloto trasero de 36mm de diametro Con luz y soporte de matricula. Acabado en negro. Homologado. Precio por unidad

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    LED taillight with classic look. Black metal housing with red lens and adjustable bracket.It has brake light12V / 2WDimensions (diameter x D) approx. 57 x 56 mm.The spacing of the 5 mm locking bolts is approx. 15 mmReady to install includes connection cablePrice by unitHomologatedClassic cut, this driver with technology will give a touch to your motorcycle  

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    HOMOLOGADO. Carcasa fabricada en tremoplastico ABS.Color: NEGRO. Soporte estilo clasico ajustable. 12 V, 21 / 5 vatios. Dispone de LUZ DE POSICION, FRENO Y MATRICULA. Diametro del vidrio 48 mm. Diametro de carcasa: 56 mm. Longitud: 85 mm.    

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    BLACK AGUILA MIRRORPerfect finishes.Valid for all Japanese including Yamaha right.Unit price.

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    Dipped beam (H7) and long (H4),Approved CE22.05.Black or chrome finish.Prepared for lateral fixation. (Does not include support).Approximate measurements: Outer diameter 107 mm, depth 120 mm, depth up to fixation 70 mm. 220 mm total width.Includes cables, H4 and H7 12V / 55W bulb 12V 60 / 55WThread for fixing Metric 8.Double headlights ideal for any preparation and spectacularly improve lighting in addition to changing the aesthetics of your motorcycle altogether