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  • Rokker Honolua Bay t-shirt in black.Material: 100% cotton It has a frontal print. Rokker Honolua Bay round neck T-shirt. Price by unit. Various sizes available.Rokker Honolua Bay t-shirt of great design designed for pure bikers.

  • Quality Rokker Riding People T-shirt.Made 100% cotton. Skull print with helmet and front with letters. Rokker Riding People T-shirt with short sleeves and ribbed collar. Black color with white letters.Various sizes available.Rokker Riding People t-shirt with transgressive design for bikers like you.

  • Rokker Lucky women's shirt in beige.Made 100% cotton. Sleeve of suspenders. Rokker Lucky women's t-shirt with incredible skull print in red. Beige. Several sizesRokker Lucky women's shirt with a breakthrough design that you can not miss.

  • Rokker Panther t-shirt in white.Material: 100% cotton Front and back printing of panther with letters. Rokker Panther short sleeve t-shirt. White color. Round neck. Various sizes available.Rokker Panther lightweight and cool shirt for the hottest times.

  • Women Rokker Urban Racer boots in vintage brown.   Made of quality cowhide. Breathable and waterproof. Women Rokker Urban Racer boots with cushioning insole. They have protections on the heel and fingers. Anti-slip and anti-abrasion with wear-resistant rubber sole.   Women Rokker Urban Racer boots with great design, quality and vintage style handmade in Portugal.

  • Rokker Motors sweatshirt in black with hood.Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Rokker Motors sweatshirt with zipper closure. Letters embroidered on the front. Long neck. Front large pocket. Unisex High quality sweatshirt manufactured by Rokker and made in Portugal.

  • Quality Rokker Speed and Glory t-shirt.Made 100% cotton. Rokker T-shirt with front and back print Speed and Glory. Short sleeves and ribbed collar. Green color. Various sizes available.Rokker Speed and Glory t-shirt with unique design of the highest quality.

  • Rokker Speed Freak Trukker cap in white.Material: Cotton Rokker Speed Freak Trukker adjustable cap. Exclusive brown embroidery. Rear mesh in beigeOne size. Curved visor in brown color.Speed Freak Trukker cap from the prestigious manufacturer Rokker that you should not miss.

  • Rokker TRC Team t-shirt in black.Front and back print with letters in earth color. Rokker TRC Team t-shirt made 100% cotton. Short sleeve. Round neck. Made in PortugalRokker TRC Team t-shirt designed and designed for real bikers.

  • Rokker East Devils Trukker Cap in Yellow.Made in cotton. It can be adjusted to each head size. Rokker East Devils Trukker cap with back mesh in white. Front yellow with letters embroidered in black. Curved visor in black color. One size.Rokker East Devils Trukker cap with a great finish to add to your new collection.

  • Rokker knucle t-shirt in black color.Made 100% cotton. Short sleeve. Spectacular front and back print. Rokker knucle shirt with ribbed collar. Made in Portugal.Rokker knucle t-shirt of new season Do not let it escape !!!

  • Rokker Board Track Trukker black quality cap.Material: Cotton The Rokker Board Track Trukker Cap is adjustable. Black mesh on the back. Visor with curved shape. With white embroidery.Rokker Board Track Trukker cap ideal to protect from the sun or to carry on any occasion.

  • Rokker Team 77 shirt in gray and red.Made 100% in cotton. Rokker Team 77 long-sleeved shirt. Front Rokker print with the number 77 on the back. Ribbed collar. Made in PortugalRokker Team 77 t-shirt with which you can boast quality and design.

  • Rokker Team 77 t-shirt in black and white.Made 100% cotton. Spectacular Rokker Team 77 t-shirt with front and back lettering. Round neck. Long sleeve.T-shirt of the prestigious manufacturer Rokker Team 77 that you can not miss.

  • Women's Rokker Divinas t-shirt in white.Material: 100% cotton Short sleeve. Women's Rokker Divinas t-shirt with round neck. Skull print with helmet in red. Several sizesRokker Divinas women's shirt ideal for the hottest dates of the year.

  • Rokker Old Boys Trukker cap in black.Made of cotton Mesh in beige on the back. Adjustable. Rokker Old Boys Trukker cap with curved visor. Color: Black and beige. Letters embroidered in white. One size.Rokker Old Boys Trukker cap with an incredible design that you can combine with any clothes from your collection.

  • T-shirt woman Rokker Rebel Rose 77 in black. Made 100% cotton. Round neck.Women's T-shirt Rokker Rebel Rose 77 with spectacular skull print. Color: Black and gray. T-shirt Rebel Rose 77 from the prestigious manufacturer Rokker made in Portugal.

  • Rokker Surfrider cap blue with top materials and a unique design.Made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Surfrider cap with white Rokker embroidery on the front. Color: Blue and brown.One size.Rokker Surfrider blue cap perfect to wear daily or in your concentrations.

  • Boot manufactured and designed by the well-known and prestigious Rokker engine accessories manufacturer.Made of cowhide of high quality and durability with treatment that repels water.Template for a better footprint thanks to its cushioning. Color: BrownOil-resistant rubber outsole, anti-abrasion and non-slip.Zipper covered on the inside to facilitate the putting of the boot.Manufactured completely by hand.Shaft height: 33 cm.If you are looking for a durable, quality boot with a brutal aesthetic, this Rokker boot is yours, do not think about it.

  • Boot of the prestigious Rokker brand of a quality and a brutal aesthetic.Manufactured in durable premium quality greased cowhide leather.Characteristics:     Waterproof and breathable     It has a cushioning template.     Protection for ankles, heels, fingers and shins.     Anti-abrasion and anti-slip Vibram resistant rubber sole oilproof.     Covered zipper inside to facilitate entry and exit.     Manufactured by hand     Shaft height approx. 27 cm     Color: Antique black.     Available in several sizes. (Ask for availability)With these boots Rokker city racer you will be fully successful if you are looking for a boot for life.

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    Urban Racer Black Rokker Boots. - Cowhide material.- For your comfort the boots are waterproof and breathable.- Damping template.- Protection on the fingers and heel for your safety.- Anti-slip and anti-abrasion boots with wear-resistant rubber outsole.- Made by hand in Portugal. Urban racer black boots with great design that you will be able to use in multiple occasions.

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    Urban Racer Brown Racer Boots. Made of durable and greased cowhide.breathable and waterproof.Cushioning template.Wear-resistant, anti-abrasion and anti-slip rubber outsole.Protection on the heel and fingers.Handmade in Portugal.Urban brown racer boots made by hand with the best materials and with all the benefits of quality boots.

  • Urban Racer Brown Racer Boots.Durable and greased vintage cowhide.Waterproof and breathable.Cushioning template.Protection of the heel and fingers.Wear-resistant, anti-abrasion and anti-slip rubber outsole.Handmade in Portugal.Urban racer brown boots ideal for riding and for high quality daily.

  • Rokker cowboy vest of an incomparable quality manufactured with the best materials of the market.Classic style fitted denim combination Red Selvage and natural leather.Available in several sizes.Perfect to match any custom style t-shirt.Without a doubt this Rokker vest will be essential in your long routes or in concentrations.

  • T-shirt manufactured by the well-known manufacturer ROKKER of very high quality.Long-sleeve T-shirt.Neighborhood ModelColor: Black and GrayPrinting on front and back.Made in 100% cotton.Available from size M to XL.Without a doubt, this Rokker Neighbourhood t-shirt can not miss in your wardrobe background to show them in concentrations.

  • The prestigious manufacturer ROKKER jersey of great quality and a very exclusive design.Long-sleeve T-shirt.Model Ridding Style.Color: Black and white.Printing on front and back.Made in 100% cotton.Available from size M to XL.Without a doubt, this Rokker Riding style t-shirt can not miss in your wardrobe background to show them in concentrations.

  • Hip protections protections Rokker high mark. Soft and flexible provides good fit par price. 

  • The tunnel scarf Rokker Riding Culture protects you from the cold and wind during your routes. Made of polyester microfiber fabric making it ideal for combating the most adverse situations. Available in different models. It offers the possibility of bringing in different ways.

  • The multifunctional Rokker Tube is very comfortable to wear and provides excellent protection against wind, sun, rain and insects, etc.durante the trip. It is made of microfiber fabric seamless and fast drying, it is also very elastic and retains, even after long use, its original form. The Rokker Tube can be worn in different ways (instructions included).

  • VAQUEROS ROKKER REVOLUTION LADY Pantalones vaqueros para motociclistas ROKKER. Vaqueros clásicos de corte confortable que están hechos de una combinación de material Schoeller-Dynatec/Denim. En comparación con el Rokker original tiene solamente una capa de tejido. Este es extremadamente duradero manteniendo al mismo tiempo la apariencia de vaqueros auténtica. Una membrana c_change integrada compensa las variaciones de temperatura y es impermeable y resistente al viento. Los Rokker Revolution cuentan con cinco bolsillos y un cierre frontal impermeable. En el interior, se encuentran bolsillos en el área de la cadera y rodilla con unos protectores extraíbles aprobados por CE. Perímetro de cadera aproximado por talla:26 - 68/73 cm aprox 27 - 71/76 cm aprox 28 - 73/78 cm aprox 29 - 76/81 cm aprox 30 - 78/83 cm aprox 31 - 81/86 cm aprox 32 - 83/89 cm aproxTallaje Americano