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  • Mini portable air compressor Mini portable air compressor with built-in indicator 0-120 psi (approx. 8 bar) 12V Inflate a motorcycle tire in less than 10 minutes Weight 414 grams Dimensions approx. 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm x 15.2 cm Note: It should not be used on car or truck tires. Mini portable air compressor perfect to take with you on a trip

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    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.KIT REPAIR PITCHES TIRE PLUGGER• Plugging device pushes the plug into the hole with a twist of the Allen key, the plug expands under pressure to fill the puncture area,• Tire Plugger kit includes a plugging device, nozzle adapter, scraper tool, retractable probe toolblade, Allen key, 15 mushroom plugs (diameter 15.9 mm x 19.1 mm L stem (5/16 "diameter x 3/4" Lstem)), the instructions for the handling of said kit and transport bag.• Tire Plugger pocket contains CO2 gas canisters and a flexible adapter with solid brass fittings for the most effective repair possible without dismantling the tire without air chamber, the kit comes in a handy bag of 127mm x 190.5mm x 25 , 4 mm (5 "x 71/2" x 1 ") with zipper and with a total weight of only 510.3g 

  • KIT DE EMERGENCIAS SUPER  REPARADOR DE PINCHAZOS• Ideal para motocicletas• El kit le permite realizar una  reparación de su neumático sin cámara y volver a inflar- en el acto• Incluye bolsa Tire Plugger con 15 parches y el compacto Mini compresor de aire• Kit cabe en un estuche de lona con cremallera durable que mide 177.8mm x 101.6mm sólo x 76,2 mm (7 "x 4" x 3 ") y pesa sólo 771g • Compresor a 12 V.  Incorpora  luz LED, y cable de alimentación que se ajusta a los conectores de batería , pinzas de cocodrilo y adaptador para encendedor