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  • Protector for your shoe against the deterioration produced by the change in the toe.Manufactured 100% in high quality leather and great style.This protective shoe skin for the change includes cotton bag to store when you stop using.Quality lining to prevent deterioration in our shoes and the protector itself.You can not miss this shoe skin protector for the change in your accessories, it is easy to store and will avoid having to change your boot often.

  • Trip Machine deposit bag with tobacco brown magnet made of high quality leather and treated by hand.The best of this bag Trip Machine deposit with brown tobacco magnet is the facility to assemble and disassemble as it attaches to the tank by means of 6 high-power magnets that will give it a lot of security.It has a rear band to use on the belt when we reach our destination.Finished in tobacco brown. Measurements:18 cm x 14 cm. x 5 cm.Interior lined in high quality fabric to protect the contents.This Trip Machine bag with brown tobacco magnet has the perfect capacity to transport the papers of the motorcycle, personal effects such as wallet, keys etc ... or use it as a tool holder.With this bag I deposit Trip Machine with brown tobacco magnet you will have 2 items in 1 because in one it includes a small saddlebag for the motorcycle and also a fanny pack to always carry your personal items with you.

  • Manufactured by Trip Machine in premium leather, this Trip Machine deposit with vintage brown magnet is perfect to carry your belongings safely.It attaches to the deposit by means of six powerful magnets of maximum security.This vintage machine bag with vintage brown magnet also has a rear band to put on the belt when we reach our destination.Interior lined in high quality fabric to protect the contents of any blow or damage.Perfect capacity of this deposit bag Trip Machine with vintage brown magnet to transport the papers of the motorcycle, personal effects like wallet, keys etc ... or use it as a tool holder.

  • Leather grips for hand-made cuffs with first quality materials of exclusive design.These grips leather cuffs have adhesive strip from behind to stick to the fist of the bike which will give more security and ease in assembly.Different colors to choose from the one that best suits your motorcycle, you can select your preferred option in the drop down.In an easy way with these leather grips for fists you will give an incredible touch to your motorcycle. Price per couple You can see a tutorial on how to install these leather grips by clicking on the following link:TUTORIAL ASSEMBLY GRIPS LEATHER