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    Incredible Monimoto GPS tracker with innovative anti-theft protection for motorcycles.The system consists of a tracker that is connected to the motorcycle and a radio key attached. If the motorcycle moves when the remote control key is not near the tracker, the owner is alerted by phone call and informed about the position of the motorcycle.Features:    Simple and wireless installation    Autonomous power supply, independent of the motorcycle battery.    Notice of movement / theft by phone call    Very precise location location using GPS + GSM    Can be fully operated via smartphone app    Monimoto is equipped with CellLocate® technology that allows obtaining the motorcycle's position by means of GSM signal when the GPS signal has no coverage (Tunnels, parking lots, containers).    Reduced measures; 12.6 x 3.5cm. Light weight; 106gr.* Additional expenses for the mobile data rate: 2.99 euros / month from the third monthDon't skimp on taking care of your motorcycle and avoid theft with this Monimoto GPS locator