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    Lucas Oil chain lubricant. 1 quart (946 cc) bottle. A long-lasting, dark brown, all-weather, all-weather, molybdenum-based lubricant and protector. Valid for chains, sprockets, cables and open gears. Excellent antioxidant for nuts, bolts and other components. Lubricant film much stronger than grease. It resists (salt) water, breaks up rust and offers excellent penetration and resistance to dirt. The ideal complement to keep your motorcycle greased is this Lucas Oil chain lubricant.

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    Metal polish from the manufacturer Lucas Oil. 473cc bottle. Cleans, polishes, and protects aluminum and other metals such as magnesium, stainless steel, chrome, silver, brass, and gold. Provides a deep shine with minimal effort. If you want to keep your motorcycle shiny with this lucas metal polish, you will get it.

  • Lucas 20W50 5 liter synthetic engine oilLucas 20W50 5 liter synthetic motor oil formulated to resist oxidation, reduce temperature and 'lose weight' at high crankcase temperaturesPresented in a 5 liter drumJASO-MAFormulated to resist oxidation, reduce temperatureSuper slippery to reduce friction and increase efficiency at maximum RPMDesigned to resist the breakdown of fuel contaminationDoes not contain aggressive additives that may be harmful to the engineLucas 20W50 5 liter high quality synthetic motor oil perfect for your motorcycle