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    60 pieces tips set Set 60 pieces including a 1/4 "Rapidaptor drill chuck and 60 1/4" BiTorsion bits The tip is made of hardened steel, but the torsion zone on the shaft is softer. Maximum loads of impact thrusters are absorbed, prone to breaking hardened pieces. This makes the Torsion-Style drill bits more resistant and resistant for a longer life. Presented in a sturdy foldable cloth bag with hook and loop on the back The kit contains: 889/4/1 K Series - Rapidaptor quick-release chuck. Unit 1/4 "x 50 mm long. Compatible with all 1/4" insert bits and longer bits. The bit holder mechanically holds the bits through a self-locking mechanism, just push the bit inwards and it will automatically adjust for the length of the bit and is magnetic. When you push the rubber of the drill holder forward, the drill is released The sharpener can be held by hand for support during screwing actions as the sleeve rotates freely. Series 851/1 TZ PH - Phillips bits. 1/4 "unit. 25 mm long. Universal, sturdy. Torque style Includes 3 x PH1; 10 x PH2; 3 x PH3. 855/1 Series TZ PZ - Pozidrive Tips. 1/4" Unit. 25 mm long Universal, resistant. Torsion style incl. 3 x PZ1; 10 x PZ2; 2 x PZ3. 867/1 TZ TORX® Series - Torx® Drills. 1/4 "unit. 25 mm long. Universal, rugged. Torque style. Includes 2 x TX10; 3 x TX15; 3 x TX20; 3 x TX25; 3 x TX30; 2 x TX40. 800/1 TZ Series - slotted bits. 1/4 "unit. 25 mm long The mentioned sizes are sheet thickness x width in millimeters. Universal, resistant. Torsion style. Incl. 1 x 0.6x4.5; 1 x 1.0x5.5; 1 x 1.2x6.5. Series 840/1 Z - Hexagonal drill bits (Allen head). 1/4 "unit. Plus hex bits, with larger tool for screw contact to prevent damage to the screw Fits all hexagonal hollow head screws (Allen head). 25 mm long Universal, resistant. It includes 3 x 2.5; 3 x 3.0; 3 x 4.0; 2 x 5.0 Fits:> Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx®, slotted screws and hexagonal bolts (Allex head) Tip set 60 pieces of great quality and durability

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    Tension tester screwdriver Unipolar tension tester screwdriver, 3 x 70 mm To detect the voltage in the range of 150-250 volts Kraftform handle with a sturdy clip Hexagonal anti-rotation section to prevent the tool from rolling out High quality the tension tester screwdriver will be very useful for electrical checks

  • Set 3 extra long screwdrivers wera Set 3 extra long screwdrivers wera with an extra long shaft of 300 mm With multi-component handle and Black Point tip Packed in carton The kit includes: 1 Phillips screwdriver. Series 350 PH2 x 300 mm. 1 screwdriver Pozidriv. Series 355 PZ2 x 300 mm. 1 Series 335 flat screwdriver 1.0 x 5.5 x300mm. Set 3 extra long screwdrivers wera perfect to reach places where other screwdrivers do not reach

  • Set of wrenches combined with ratchet made by Wera.The set includes 8 pieces of combined keys in inches perfect for Harley Davidson or English motorcycles.Double hexagon geometry ensures a good fit on the screw or nut, reducing the risk of slippage.Chrome-nickel chrome-molybdenum high performance keys for high protection against corrosion.The ratchet mechanism has an exceptionally fine tooth (80 teeth) for flexibility in confined spaces.Inches of each wrench: 1 x 5/16 "x144, 1 x 3/8" x159; 1 x 7/16 "x165; 1 x 1/2" x177; 1 x 9/16 "x188; 1 x 5/8" x212; 1 x 11/16 "x235, 1 x 3/4" x 246Includes bag for the transport of the keys.This set of combined keys in inches can not be missing from your toolbox if you own a Harley Davidson.

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    Screwdriver set manufactured by the prestigious manufacturer of Wera tools.Make sure you always have the screwdriver you need with this set of screwdrivers with two practical wall fasteners.Gift includes a nice bottle opener.Kit includes:     Phillips: 1 x PH 2x100     Pozidriv: 1 x PZ 1x80; 1 x PZ 2x100     Torx: 1 x TX 15x80; 1x TX 20x100; 1 x TX 25x100     Slotting: 1 x 1.0x5.5x100; 1 x 1.2x7.0x125 (yellow-black)     Slotted: 1 x 0.8x4.0x100 (green-black)     Grooving: 1 x 0.4 x 2.5 x 80; 1 x 0.6x3.5x100 (yellow-red)     Slotting: 1 x 0.5x3.0x70 (the voltage tester does not have a Lasertip)     2 useful plastic wall mountsWith this set of high quality screwdrivers you are equipped for any job in the workshop and around the house.

  • Bottle Opener WERAPerfect for kitchen, bar and workshopPrice by unitBottle opener with ergonomic wizard that transmits more force making more fail to open any bottle