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  • Eurol Orangestar hand cleaner type gel with a formula based on citrus oils free of solvents and with moisturizers for the skin.PH neutral to prevent skin irritation.It is used in sex rubbing the hands and only rinses once the process is finished.Plastic microparticles for a nice cleansing action for the skin.Capacity: 3.8 L.It must be stored above 0 º CBiodegradable.This Eurol Orangestar hand cleaner should not be missing in any garage or mechanical workshop.

  • Eurol concentrated cleaner with high cleaning power and perfect finishEurol Carwash is a highly concentrated synthetic shampooValid for use on lacquered or painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and chromeIt is excellent for manual applications as well as for high pressure cleanersDue to the strong cleaning ability, even very dirty surfaces get a perfect shine without the need to dry itIt is an effective and economical product in use, the mixing ratio is between 1:50 and 1: 100, depending on the degree of dirtRinse with water, cleaned surfaces should not be sun-driedIt is supplied in a 5 liter containerNow you can clean your bike with this great cleaner for all surfaces