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  • Link lock Manufactured from high strength hardened steel.It looks like a cable but it really is a chain of cylindrical links, more flexible and stronger than a cable.It measures 2 meters long.Vinyl layer that covers it to avoid scratching the motorcycle.Jack Ass model manufactured by Masterlock.Protect your motorcycle with great safety with this Jack Ass link lock.

  • Ref. 738016

    Elastic Master Lock set of different sizes with an organizer support.The kit includes two units measuring 25 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm.Each measure is a different color to help distinguish them.Each elastic has a heavy-duty double wire hook.Very useful this set of elastic Master Lock to fix the luggage to your motorcycle and will allow you to choose between several sizes.

  • Ref. 738006

    Master Lock brake disc lock with a 65 mm high security cylinder. x 9 mmRed finishThe kit includes brake disc lock, reminder cable and carrying case.Thanks to this Master Lock disc lock you will prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.