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  • Very complete Autosol plastic care and protection kit.Contains:     Plastic Cleaner for 75cc Tubes     250cc Plastic Care spray bottle.     Cloth.Gives a new shine to aged indoor and outdoor surfaces and protects against brittleness and graying.Deep-acting Plastic Care leaves an effective protective film that prevents brittleness and renewed abrasion.Gives the surface a silky shine.

  • Cleaner for stainless steel, chrome, brass, anodized aluminum, painted metal surfaces, aluminum alloys, Autosol non-ferrous metals.500cc spray bottleIt is a powerful all-purpose cleaner to remove dirt, grease and food stain residues. Neutral in color and odor.

  • Protector for plastics Autosol leaves an effective protective film that prevents brittleness and renewed abrasion.250cc spray bottleGives the surface a silky shine.Unit price.

  • Autosol acrylic glass polish, special product to easily remove scratches on acrylic glass surfaces.Tube 75 cc.Valid for any type of vehicle.Unit price.

  • Refreshing helmet spray, used to cool the inside of the helmet or on the skin.Easy to use and non-toxic. Instantly cools and refreshes your skin while wearing a helmet in hot conditions.Helmet Cooling Spray is developed for use on the head or helmet, or even on the skin in general. 3-5 sprays should be enough for a long-lasting cooling sensation.50cc spray bottleDo not spray into body openings such as mouth, eyes, ears, etc.

  • Aurosol Plastic Restoration Kit that is used to restore worn and discolored plastic parts to new ones with renewed color and shine.Seal the surface with a strong UV protective film for long-lasting protection against the sun and fading.75cc bottle with sponge applicator.Ideal for restoring painted and unpainted bumpers, moldings, exterior mirror caps, and other plastic accessories.It comes as a bottle with a sponge applicator.

  • Ideal metal renovator for surfaces of stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper, aluminum etc ...250 cc bottle.Citric acid and clay powder gently remove dirt and scale.With the quality and guarantee of this prestigious Autosol brand

  • Autosol special polish for shiny or matt chrome plastics.Cleans and maintains in a single pass.75cc tube.With the guarantee of this great brand such as Autosol.

  • Cleaner for plastic parts with a 10 times higher than normal concentrate.Removes stubborn dirt and gives a new shine to aging surfaces.75cc boat.Without a doubt one of the best plastic cleaners on the market.

  • Autosol gold and silver polish is an excellent product for the care of gold and silver surfaces and other precious metals.The paste cleans with a very fine polishing grid that does not damage and preserves the surface in one step.75 cc tube.Get a radiant, shiny finish with this gold and silver polish.Autosol, polished for gold and silver. 75cc tube

  • Stainless steel exhaust blueing remover with a perfect combination of active chemical ingredients and selected polishing alumina.150cc bottleQuick and safe action to remove blue, gold, and brown discoloration from stainless steel exhaust systems.Does not contain VOC.

  • Ceramic coating kit that offers a long-term sealer for professional vehicle detailing that is easy to apply and easy to polish.The kit includes:     1 bottle of 50cc Ceramic Coating     1 application sponge of 8x4x2.5cm.     3 microfiber application cloths of 10x16cm.     1 40x40cm microfiber polishing cloth.Improved scratch resistance and much easier to clean afterwards.

  • Autosol leather care product with high-quality ingredients keeps the leather soft and supple and has an intensive effect against brittleness and abrasion.250cc bottle.Restores shine even on damaged leather.

  • Super concentrated Autosol leather cleaner perfect for all types of smooth leather such as matte pieces of artificial leather and vinyl.Brings the painting to life.75cc tube format.Leave your damaged skin looking new with this Autosol leather cleaner

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    Dursol polish, a classic in the cleaning and care of metal surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.It can also be used on other surfaces such as enamel, plastic or glass.polishing particles easily remove rough impurities.200 cc tube format.Care components provide weather protection for clean metal.

  • Autosol metal polish that cleans and cares for metal surfaces.The ingredients of this polish guarantee an intensive but very gentle cleaning.250 cc bottle.Completely renew your dull metals and give them their original shine with this Autosol metal polish.

  • Autosol cleaner for stainless steel items.Actuated citric acid dissolves rust and discoloration.It will remove loose stains and let the surface shine again like the first day.250 cc canPrice by unit.Cleaning with the Autosol guarantee

  • Autosol anti-bluish quality polish. Content: 150 ml This innovative polish is guaranteed to eliminate unsightly brown and blue discoloration of stainless steel parts (collectors, leaks, etc.) Anti bluish Autosol polish that unlike the rival spray products, there is no need to spend time covering the surrounding parts of the before use. There is no risk of inhaling harmful mist. NOTE: May be corrosive to metals. It causes severe skin burns and damage to the eyes. Autosol anti-bluish polish of great utility that you should not let escape.

  • Cleaning product And protection removes dirt and oxidation on anodized surfaces easily.A balanced combination of substances in addition to optimal cleaning, achieve protection of metal surfaces.Quantity: 75ml 

  • Cleaning product And protection removes dirt and oxidation on metal surfaces easily.A balanced combination of substances in addition to optimal cleaning, achieve protection of metal surfaces.Quantity: 75ml 

  • suitable for the care of rubber pizas all types, flexible product keeping them longer and preventing freezing and deterioration.The liquid is applied accurately and without waste by foam dispenser.It Contains: 75 ml.

  • Autosol Set de limpieza y pulido de 8 piezas:Edición especial y exclusivo Con esta amplia selección de Autosol, el especialista en limpieza y pulido de vehiculos, usted será capaz de mantener su vehículo en óptimas condiciones. Facilita la limpieza El conjunto contiene el producto perfecto para cada trabajo de limpieza. Todos los productos están especialmente diseñados para su uso en ciclomotores, motocicletas y quads / ATV. Autosol garantiza la máxima calidad de todos los componentes. Pruébelo usted mismo!Consta de:1. Spray De Cadena, 400 ml2. Limpiador para motos, 500 ml3. Limpiador Metal Polish, 75 ml4. Limpiador de Frenos, 500 ml5. Esponja (WxHxL Dimensiones: 15 x 10 x 5 cm)6. Paño Microfibra (medidas ancho x alto: aprox. 38 x 38 cm), lavable7. Recipiente de lavado (volumen: 10 litros) con tapa8. Limpiador de manos, 500 ml

  • Polishing for stainless steel autosol.A particularly unpolished polish for unbreakable steel and which is developed for gentle cleaning, care.The polish for stainless steel autosol is supplied in a 75 ml tube.If you are looking for your impeccable steel parts, the polish for stainless steel autosol can not be missing in your workshop.       

  • Producto de limpieza y protección que elimina suciedad y oxidaciones sobre superficies metálicas con facilidad . Una combinación balanceada de sustancias logran, además de una óptima limpieza, la protección de superficies de metales. Cantidad: 75ml