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    White strip paint "white tire paint" manufactured by Anvil.All lovers of custom motorcycles want to have the bands of the white tires and with this paint will have the easy solution .... Just a paint on your tire and will offer you amazing results!This painting is developed and produced in Iceland by its creator Örn Sigurdsson, with its secret ingredient makes the base soft and easy to paint.Its main secret is a component that prevents the paint from solidifying, has a 50% rigidity that prevents cracks appear with the movement of the tire.If you apply a thin layer of this paint on a plastic film and when you dry it, you can stretch the paint almost like a balloon, that is why it tolerates the radial tires of high speed, which destroy the other paintings.It also contains a proportion of titanium that will help minimize the effect of sunlight on color.The canister contains 250ml which is sufficient for two layers on each side of the two tires.With this painting white Anvil bands you will leave your motorcycle with an impeccable esthetics.