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  • Depot cleaner combo pack KreemRecommended for new or old deposits even with rustThe pack includes all the necessary components for the cleaning of a depositIts advanced formula makes that once cleaned indoors forms a protective layer inside the tank against rust and corrosionResistant to all types of gasoline, both with, without lead and additives, as long as the recommended concentrations are not exceededA kit to take into account for any type of old or new deposit

  • Tank cleaner combo pack KRM.Recommended for old gas tanks whose interior is dirty or rusty.Includes 3 perfect products to leave your tank as new.The A & B cleaner eliminates corrosion and prepares the surface for the protection layer (KRM Sealer).This layer serves to plug small microscopic cracks (but not holes) and for a long time protects tanks from oxidation.Price per pack.If you want to leave your old tank as new or want to change it and you need to leave it in perfect internal conditions, do not hesitate, the deposit cleaner combo pack of KRM is the best you can find.