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  • Silicone polish 400 ml. WD The silicone polish 400 ml. WD has the following characteristics. Recondition and shineReduces frictionHelps prevent cracking / premature aging of rubber partsFast acting, almost instantaneous evaporationThe silicone polish 400 ml. WD mantand any rubber surface with the brightness of the first day.

  • Multi-purpose cleaner 500 ml. WD40 The multipurpose cleaner 500 ml. WD40 has the following characteristics. This multipurpose cleaner quickly removes the dirt film that forms when driving in traffic or on the roadIts versatile formula provides an excellent finish and is compatible with painted and chrome surfaces, plastic, rubber, aluminum and carbon fiber, as well as brake discs.Easy to use; just apply and rinseThe multipurpose cleaner 500 ml. WD40 will keep your bike as new

  • Chain cleaner 400 ml. WD40 Chain cleaner 400 ml. WD40 has the following characteristics: High pressure sprayer for precise application in hard to reach areasThe 360 ° valve allows inverted use, where required, for uncomfortable application areasThe high discharge rate offers "rinse" wash propertiesLeaves no residueDissolves all automotive fats and oils.Chain cleaner 400 ml. WD40 is indispensable in any workshop or garage.

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    Chain fat 400 ml. WD40 Chain fat 400 ml. WD40 has the following characteristics. Long lasting lubricationContains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives that improve the resistance to loadPenetrates and thickens.Anti-projection formulaThe precision spray application minimizes wasteAvoid the entry of waterCompatible with O-, X- and Z-ring type chainsIf you are looking for quality, chain fat 400 ml. WD40 is perfect for your motorcycle chain

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    Brake cleaner manufactured by WD40. This cleaner specializes in removing grease, oil, dirt and debris that can stain the brakes, clutch, transmission and other components. This cleaner works eagerly and dries very quickly without any residue. This product is applicable to most surfaces. Contents: 500 ml

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    Lubricant locks manufactured by WD40.Formula created from silicone and free of grease that allows the product to penetrate the mechanism locks and remove the sticky dirt.The same lubricant leaves a thin coating that protects against corrosion.Lubricates and protects part to prevent wear.100 ml.Note: Extremely flammable aerosol. Temperature range -70 ° C to + 150 ° C

  • Universal lubricant manufactured by WD-40Approximate capacity 500ml.It incorporates a permanently connected spraying mechanism called "Smart Straw" that allows it to be extended for a precision spraying and to contract for an application in wider areas.Multitude of uses such as:- Eliminates noise by reducing friction- Take out the moisture.- Clean and protect.- Loosen the rusted pieces.- Releases adhesive mechanismsWith the universal lubricant WD-40 you will have so many uses that once you try it, it will not be missing again in your toolbox.

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    Brightener manufactured by WD-40. Valid plastic, carbon, chrome and paint. 400 ml. Price by unit. Perfect polish to aoplicar on your clean motorcycle and that seems recently bought.