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  • Battery cable EXO 2 connection for motorcycle.It is suitable for the EXO2 Stormrider and Stormshield models and is directly connected to the battery.Original spare part of EXO2.

  • Power pack complete battery EXO2.The kit comes complete consisting of:- 16.8V charger (Ref. EXO168US)- 15V lithium-ion battery (Ref. A8W-15V)- European plug adapter (PCAEUSBLK).It has a selector with 5 heat levels.It is manufactured with lithium ion technology.Autonomy of approximately 3 hours with a full charge.Approximate measurements: 8cm x 10cm x 2cm. Weight: 230gr.The rechargeable Power Pack will allow you to use your heated garments even when you are no longer riding the motorcycle.  

  • Ref. A8W-15V

    BATERIA EXO2-A8W-15V Batería secundaria de litioConstruido con cuatro células 3,7 voltiosVoltaje de entrada 16.8 voltiosIntensidad de entrada de 1.2 amperiosTensión de salida de 15 voltiosIntensidad de salida de 2 amperiosCapacidad 2200 mAhAutonomía 05:00Dimensiones 7.6 x 10.1 x 1.9Peso: 230 gramos Valido para los articulos EXO 2 que puede ver pinchando AQUI