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  • Acebikes manufactured by folding garage.This foldable garage is designed for those people who have garage but needs a sheltered spot for your bike inside your property or to bring it to levels where planning to spend the whole weekend.To install this folding garage should seek firm ground.It is fixed to the ground with pickaxes as tents are set.These are its characteristics:Finished steel tubes powder mechanisms click.It includes anchors / ground mounting pegs.It has a hood that makes air circulation and avoid condemsación.Weather-resistant, UV and water outside canvas.Additionally sealed seams.It has tie-down straps on the sides for stability.Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton gray.Available in two sizes:    Size S: approx weighs 19.6kg and its dimensions are 105 x 155 x 270 cm.     Size M: approx weighs 23.5Kg and its dimensions are 119 x 170 x 302 cm. Note: This article is served upon request so you must ensure that size needs. This foldable garage is just what you wanted to protect your bike and also can use it even in the larger models with saddlebags, windshields etc.