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  • Effax leather spray 500 ml quality. To ensure that your leather garments give you years of service, you must take care of it. Capacity: 500 ml The Effax leather spray is highly recommended so that your leather is clean, it also nourishes, protects and repels moisture. The lanolin and avocado oil keep the leather soft, flexible and resistant to tearing. 500 ml Effax leather spray that repels moisture, smells good and gives an attractive shine.

  • Ref. 10038788

    Briefcase with a set of care and cleaning for the skin with several Effax products.A complete briefcase full of leather care products, a dream for all true leather fans.The briefcase includes the following products:    LC1 leather cleaning spray, 50 ml, eliminates stubborn sweat and insect residues. Ingredients according to EC 648/2004: 5% nonionic surfactants, 5% anionic surfactants, perfume, isopropyl alcohol        Leather balm, 50 ml, nourishes and protects the leather, keeps it flexible, repels moisture and is resistant to tears.        Boot Polish, 50 ml, dirt and water repellent.        Leather cream soap, 30 ml, cleans and protects quickly and easily without water. Ingredients according to EC 648/2004: 5-15% soap, 5% nonionic surfactants, perfume (butylphenyl) methylprovional, linalool, d-limonene), preservatives (benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone)        Speedy Leather Shine: for a quick shine without any effort. It looks freshly polished        Leather Care Sponge, for a complete cleaning of all leather materials.       Shoe polishing brush, eliminates stubborn marks. Brush length = 140 mm, brush width = 40 mm        Combi-Micro Cloth, for cleaning and polishing.If you want to keep all your motorcycle leather equipment in optimal conditions, this kit effax skin care and cleaning kit is perfect for you.

  • Wax to protect cotton garments manufactured by Effex.If you have an old waxed cotton jacket that has faded or lost the wax is no reason to get rid of it, because for this Effex has invented this special wax.First choice when it comes to looking after jackets and waxed pants and re-impregnating them to provide full protection against rain and wind is this magnificent wax.Very easy to use, apply effax wax cotton thin and evenly to dry and clean clothes using a sponge, cloth or brush with a circular action.After treating this wax with your garments, it is advisable to apply heat to it (for example, place the garment on an oil cooler for at least 9 hours, or iron at medium temperature, approximately 140 ° C). This will help the wax to penetrate more quickly into the fibers, making the impregnation more effective. Clean the sponge, cloth or brush thoroughly after each use.It has conditioning oils like lanolin200 ml bottleIf you want to leave your waxed cotton garments in prefect state this protection wax for cotton garments is your best choice.

  • Quick-polish for leather made by Effax.What kind of magic product is this? As it does exactly what its title says, it restores all the smooth leathers to a deep shine in an instant.Can be used in boots, seats, saddlebags etc.Just spread it well with the sponge to get a soft skin with a view of freshly polished.Quick brightness between polishes. A great idea.The lid has an integrated sponge, so it is always ready to shine.This Effax leather brighter is perfect for quick shine on leather.

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    Leather boots polisher made by Effax.With this boot polisher you protect and nourish your boots in an instant.First you should use a brush to remove dirt from your boots and then apply this polisher on your boots with the sponge included and you will quickly get the job done.Water repellent and you can again and again.Perfect for all kinds of leather boots.75 ml bottle.This Effax leather boot polisher is perfect to always have your boots clean and perfect for your route.

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    Spray leather cleaner manufactured by Effax.Deep action with special insect removal formula.Designed for smooth leather (including TFL Cool System).This non-greasy cleanser gently removes persistent dirt like perspiration, insects etc. while retaining the natural quality and non-slip properties.Perfect for leather clothing, saddlebags, curlers, seats, trunks and all leather parts.250 ml.Clean all leather garments with this Effax cleaner.

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    La valiosa asistencia de jabón piel en color crema con aceites y extractos naturales como el aceite de aguacate, aceite de coco y aloe vera limpia y cuida la ropa de la motocicleta y botas. Limpia la grasa y todos los productos de cuero en una sola operación. Ideal para un mantenimiento rápido.Aplicación:     * Aplicar fácilmente sin agua con una esponja o paño.     * El jabón se recuperan totalmente y garantiza una larga vida útil.Contenido:400ml Producto con la mejor garantia alemana.  

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    Cuidado de piel con sustancias valiosas que hace que el cuero tenga una durabilidad y  fiabilidad increible, dejando un brillo resplandeciente.     * Suaviza, nutre y protege a todas las texturas de cuero     * Con la lanolina nutritivas, el aceite de aguacate y cera de abejas.Ejemplos:Ropa de cuero, botas de cuero, alforjas de cuero, asientos de cuero, sofá de cuero, etcContenido: 500 ml Producto con la mejor garantia alemana.