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  • Teroson plastic repair adhesive based on 2-component quick polyurethane.It is used for the reconstruction of plastic parts that can be painted.Easy to apply with the hand gun included with the static mixer.The mixers are single use and are available separately.Format: 50 mlBe proud to repair the damage to your motorcycle easily with this Teroson plastic repair adhesive.

  • Ref. 748031

    Plastic repair kit Teroson necessary for basic repair tasks in paintable plastic parts.The kit includes:     2 Bags 2x25ml Teroson PU9225     1 Bag 2x25ml Teroson PU9225 SF     6 static mixers     150 ml spray can of Teroson 150.     1 liter can of Teroson VR10.     1 Plastic Teroson ET fiberglass matte.     1 TeroMix hand gun.     1 plastic spatula.     Instruction booklet.Repair the damage to your motorcycle yourself with this Teroson plastic repair kit.

  • Ref. 748037

    WX 159 XP heavy polish composed of white liquid polishing, highly effective.Eliminates 1200 grit sanding marks and signs of wear, ensuring an impeccable and shiny surface.It does not burn during high intensity polishing.Its balanced composition of ingredients allows low dust contamination.Format: 1 kilogram bottle.WX 159 XP polish suitable for all original and repair coatings.

  • Teroson WX 178 HP polish a gray and versatile liquid compound for all types of original and repair paints.Eliminates polishing marks, as well as 3000 grit sanding marks.It guarantees a perfect mirror finish.Its optimized solid content and the binder ratio allow low dust contamination.Format: 1 liter bottleFinish cleaning your motorcycle with this Teroson WX 178 HP polish.

  • Ref. 748034

    Wax Teroson WX 182 in Spray that leaves a protective coating on the paint with an incredible shiny finish.Clean debris and leftover polishing compound.Format: 500 ml bottle with manual spray head.Add this Teroson WX 182 wax to your motorcycle cleaning case to give it a unique bright touch.

  • Fully organic and transparent Teroson brake and clutch cleaner.This product does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.Removes grease and oil from all automotive walls, as well as adhesive and sealant residues.It is also able to remove the fat hardened by hinges and joints.Format: 500 ml aerosol canUse this Teroson brake and clutch cleaner to maintain optimal motorcycle maintenance.