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  • Laser Profi-Laser Chain Alignment Tester.With this system you can check your motorcycle chain and alignment effortlessly.Get accurate measurements in seconds.Numerous tests confirm how ingenious this tool is.Benefits of having the chain in perfect condition:Optimal handling on the road.Less chain wear.Greater security.Includes instructions for use, battery and storage case.With this laser chain checker you will have your bike always ready for your trips.  

  • KIT DE LEZNAS PUNZON DE COSER PROFESIONAL  Lezna Profesional Set adicional:Compuesto por:      4 agujas (de serie corta, longitud estándar, el cuero y la aguja de costura ciega curva)      100 m de hilo (Color: Blanco)      2 carretes de repuestoAccesorio para complementarlo con el punzon de coser que puede ver pinchando AQUI