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  • Spark plug wire styling kit features bold and unique colors For 1” diameter handlebars (25.4mm) Dynamic X-Grip® support for phones. The included trim bushings ensure a perfect fit and additional trim protection. Low-profile bracket uses nylon locking nuts to keep your electrical devices and small accessories from coming loose in high-vibration situations The included spring-loaded X-Grip® mount has a functional and simple four-leg design, which provides a great grip without hiding your phone; The X-Grip® mount can be expanded or contracted to fit the specific dimensions of your phone. The X-Grip® bracket also includes a fixing device recommended for outdoor applications. With this incredible ram torque handlebar mobile support you will have your mobile well fixed and protected. Pre-cut and come with the spark plug/coil boots and terminals already installed Caps and cables made of silicone for high temperatures offering protection up to 600°F Valid for: Harley-Davidson Touring 1999-2008Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 2004-2006 Spiro Pro Core for up to 10 times higher conductivity than a standard carbon inner cable Low resistance; so they heat up less and last three to four times longer than cables with a carbon interior Designed for electronic ignitions, but also work great with types of points Made in the U.S.A.