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      Large design Booster Chopper ashtray. Quality manufacturingApproximate length 9 cm. Ashtray with driver and tire shape. Price by unit. Booster Chopper ashtray, the ideal gift for smokers with an incredible design.

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      29,99 € 39,99 € -10,00 € Dto.
      Ref. SPBK153

      Harley Davidson zippo lighter made of high quality steel.Finally you can combine 2 great brands in one with this magnificent Zippo Harley Davidson Lighter.Logo on front Harley Davidson.Chrome finish.This Zippo lighter Harley Davidson is the perfect gift for a passionate motorcycle.

    • This case is intended for the use of portable music player. Connect your headphones or connect your advanced audio radio to the Its protective cover allows control of the touch screen The non-slip interior allows different mobiles to be adapted The double zipper allows the headphones and the output cables to leave the bag at any point Works well with many MP3 and personal music players Forget about complex accessories to hear music with this new case of the prestigious Harley-Davidson brand

    • Zipped leather portazippo made by Zippo.Made of good quality leather.With bow to put it in the belt.Valid for all gasoline burners.This zippo original leather zipper is perfect to have your zippo lighter always located as new.

    • Original Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter.Classic gasoline lighter.Zippo made by chrome finish.It has the Harley Davidson logo on a metal plate.Measures: 1 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm.It fits perfectly to the portazippos you can see by clicking HERE.For safety reasons this lighter is delivered without fuel.This original harley davidson zippo lighter will be a perfect detail.

    • Original Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter with engraved logo.Classic gasoline lighter.Manufactured by Zippo in satin chrome plated brass.It has the HArley Davidson logo with an engraved sunset.Measures: 1 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm.It fits perfectly to the leather portaipippo that you can see by clicking HERE.For safety reasons this lighter is delivered without fuel.This original zippo harley davidson logo burner is perfect even for non-smokers at the same time as it is an ideal gift.

    • Ceramic ashtray model "tank"Made of ceramic painted black with an unmatched finish.It measures 13.5 x 11 x 7 cm approximately.Price by unit.If you are a smoker or looking for a different gift, this ceramic ash tray is perfect as it will look great in your garage, workshop or anywhere in the house.

    • Zippo Highway Hawk Lighter with logo.Porta lighter black color.Silver lighter with the Highway Hawk logo.Original zippo lighter with logo and excellent design.

    • Ref. H02-2690

      Fabricado en piel de primera calidad. Pefecto para mecheros ZIPPO  

    • MECHERO GASOLINA STORM LIGHTER      Réplica de los encendedores viejos del ejército que se pueden utilizar en todo tipo de clima.      Al abrirlo, la carcasa de acero hace que el sonido sea inconfundicle.      Dimensiones: 6 x 4 x 1,6 cm(Por razones de seguridad, el encendedor no está pre-llenado con combustible).