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    Formulated specifically for K & N air filtersPenetrates quickly into filter foldsIt is supplied in a 335 ml carton.With this cleaner you will always have your K & N filter in perfect condition

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    Eurol concentrated cleaner with high cleaning power and perfect finishEurol Carwash is a highly concentrated synthetic shampooValid for use on lacquered or painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and chromeIt is excellent for manual applications as well as for high pressure cleanersDue to the strong cleaning ability, even very dirty surfaces get a perfect shine without the need to dry itIt is an effective and economical product in use, the mixing ratio is between 1:50 and 1: 100, depending on the degree of dirtRinse with water, cleaned surfaces should not be sun-driedIt is supplied in a 5 liter containerNow you can clean your bike with this great cleaner for all surfaces

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    Cleaning brush for tires manufactured by Quixx.Special brush for tires that will remove stubborn dirt and brake dust remaining, effortlessly.The secret is that this brush is used with a drill and its more than 10,000 bristles will give a high-cleaning clean.This brush is suitable for all wheel surfaces (plastic / paint / chrome / steel / aluminum).Before using, always wear protective eyewear to prevent eye damage caused by any small objects dislodged during cleaning.Have your tires as new with this Quixx tire cleaning brush.

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    Black plastic protector and protector made by Procycle.It is a shame to have the paint on your motorcycle polished shiny, the chrome clean and very bright and the pieces of plastic are discolored or bleached by the sun .... for this Procycle has invented this renovator and protector of plastics.It is very effective as it restores color, clean and is dust repellent.This renovador makes the piexas of plastic look new while giving a protection against the Sun.250 ml bottleImportant: Never use on footrests, handles and tires.Renew and protect all matte black plastic on your bike with this innovative Procycle product.

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    This aluminum cleaner is manufactured by procycle.Aluminum is a fantastic material, but like all materials requires proper care to ensure that you can enjoy the aluminum parts of your motorcycle for many years.This gel is designed with a special Procycle formula that makes it highly effective. Even the most persistent dirt is removed without a traceAcid-free cleaning gel is perfectly safe for use in paints, plastics and rubber.Easy to use, simply spray on the aluminum parts and wait about 5 minutes, if necessary, use a sponge for help and then rinse well with clean water.1000 ml spray bottleImportant: Never apply the cleaner in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Test the cleaner first in a discrete part, especially if you are using it on bare aluminum. Do not let the cleaner dry on the surface.Protect the aluminum parts of your bike with this Procycle aluminum cleaning gel.

  • Wax to protect cotton garments manufactured by Effex.If you have an old waxed cotton jacket that has faded or lost the wax is no reason to get rid of it, because for this Effex has invented this special wax.First choice when it comes to looking after jackets and waxed pants and re-impregnating them to provide full protection against rain and wind is this magnificent wax.Very easy to use, apply effax wax cotton thin and evenly to dry and clean clothes using a sponge, cloth or brush with a circular action.After treating this wax with your garments, it is advisable to apply heat to it (for example, place the garment on an oil cooler for at least 9 hours, or iron at medium temperature, approximately 140 ° C). This will help the wax to penetrate more quickly into the fibers, making the impregnation more effective. Clean the sponge, cloth or brush thoroughly after each use.It has conditioning oils like lanolin200 ml bottleIf you want to leave your waxed cotton garments in prefect state this protection wax for cotton garments is your best choice.

  • Quick-polish for leather made by Effax.What kind of magic product is this? As it does exactly what its title says, it restores all the smooth leathers to a deep shine in an instant.Can be used in boots, seats, saddlebags etc.Just spread it well with the sponge to get a soft skin with a view of freshly polished.Quick brightness between polishes. A great idea.The lid has an integrated sponge, so it is always ready to shine.This Effax leather brighter is perfect for quick shine on leather.

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    Leather boots polisher made by Effax.With this boot polisher you protect and nourish your boots in an instant.First you should use a brush to remove dirt from your boots and then apply this polisher on your boots with the sponge included and you will quickly get the job done.Water repellent and you can again and again.Perfect for all kinds of leather boots.75 ml bottle.This Effax leather boot polisher is perfect to always have your boots clean and perfect for your route.

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    With the BIKECARE Gel motorcycle cleaner and the 5-piece motorcycle brush set, you can clean your motorcycle gently but thoroughly. The RINGING DYNAMIC brake cleaner is not only suitable for effective brake cleaning, but can also be used beautifully for the carburetor, clutch, engine or transmission.In order to not only shine your motorcycle but also your equipment, you can find BIKECARE proper care in this practical bucket: Soft Textile Wash & Care, helmet and visor cleaner and hull upholstery cleaner.Content:     750 ml BikeCare Motorcycle Cleaner Gel     200ml BikeCare Textile Wash & Care     150 ml BikeCare helmet and visor cleaner     BikeCare 150 ml Hull upholstery cleaner     400 ml RacingDynamic Brake Cleaner     5 pieces Motorcycle brush set     10 ltr. Cube incl. top

  • Tar and resin cleaner manufactured by Presto.Easily removes tar, bitumen and organic dirtSimply wipe the dissolved dirt with a clean cloth.It is very important not to use this product in hot paint or freshly painted surfaces.It is not corrosive and does not leave marks.150 ml bottle.When tar and tree sap stains mar the cleaning of your motorcycle you can solve the problem easily with this tar and resin cleaner.

  • Carbon parts repairer manufactured by Procycle.Valid for all carbon pieces, including parts with a clear lacquer finish thanks to their special carbon additives that allow to clean, restore and protect the carbon pieces in a single operation.The created layer provides optimum protection against scratches and dirt particles.Simply spray the parts and wipe with a soft cloth.150 ml bottleHave your bike always flawless with this procycle carbon repairman.

  • Repairing rust stains manufactured by Presto.This pencil is designed to remove surface rust stains.Fine glass polishing fibers do not damage the paint or leave scratches or marks.It is very easy to use.Includes two replacement cartridges (contained in the body of the repairer).Price by unit.This rust stain repair will remove surface rust stains from your motorcycle easily.

  • Matt paint wax spray made by S100.It preserves and protects the original matte effect of the paint.Durable protection for paint like rainy days, ultraviolet rays etc.It also creates a water repellent coating.Recommended for use in matte paints and hulls.Do not use on glossy paint.It is served in a 250 ml can.How to use this spray paint matte wax: Shake the bottle before use. Spray on a soft lint-free cloth (or directly on the surface) and spread evenly over the clean, dry surface. Allow to dry for a short time. Polish with a clean, soft and lint-free cloth and you already have the finished work

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    Spray leather cleaner manufactured by Effax.Deep action with special insect removal formula.Designed for smooth leather (including TFL Cool System).This non-greasy cleanser gently removes persistent dirt like perspiration, insects etc. while retaining the natural quality and non-slip properties.Perfect for leather clothing, saddlebags, curlers, seats, trunks and all leather parts.250 ml.Clean all leather garments with this Effax cleaner.

  • Water spray stop manufactured by Daytona.Valid for all leather and textile garments.Highly effective water-repellent.Highly recommended for motorcycle boots.It also protects against dirt and moisture.75 ml bottle.Protect your clothes and boots from the water with this water spray.

  • Reflective spray for textile, leather, wood, plastic and metal.In the dark of the night the risk of accident is greater so this spray is designed to make more visible your jacket or the part of the motorcycle where you want to use this product.Thanks to this Lightflex Reflective Spray, bikers, cyclists, pedestrians, runners and children as well as animals are more visible to other drivers.This product is barely noticeable and only reflects when given directly.This kit contains a 150 ml reflective spray can and 3 trim templates.To remove the Hey Lightflex Spray spray from your clothes, it can be washed in a washing machine.Increase your security for a modest price.

  • Polish for paint and plastic manufactured by S100It brings a deep shine to smooth parts such as painted metal parts, painted plastics, colored paint, windshields, painted wheels and adhesives.It even eliminates light scratches.Economical and easy to use product.The boat has 220 ml.Brush all parts of your motorcycle with this Polish for paint and plastic S100

  • Corrosion protection made by S100.Using this protector will usually protect all parts of your motorcycle from corrosion very reliably.This product is ideal when you leave the bike more stopping in winter.It does not damage paint, rubber or plastics.NOTE: Do not spray on hot surfaces! Do not spray on brake discs or tire contact surfaces!300 ml bottle.Protects all chrome and metal parts of your custom motorcycle easily with this S100 corrosion protector.

  • Visor and helmet cleaner manufactured by S100Clean without scratches on the hull visor, hull cover, headlights or windshield.Removes the remains of insects and dirt.Suitable for multiple use.100 ml bottle.Flammable liquid and vapor.This visor and helmet cleaner is perfect to leave your helmet and bike perfect for the next route.

  • Multipurpose spray canister manufactured by S100This pressure spray can be used to fill it with cleaner or any other liquid and use it easily.It does not weigh much and is easy to grasp.Made of plastic with capacity for 925 ml.It is advisable that after use release the pressure and empty the bottle to then wash it with clean water.It can be used with a multitude of water-soluble liquids but should never be used with aggressive solvent-based products such as brake cleaners, acids etc.Clean your motorcycle easily with this multi-purpose spray can.

  • Seat cleaner and care made by S100.Clean and care for all motorcycle seats, whether made of plastic or leather.It removes dust, removes debris deep, protects it against whitening and refreshes the color.Your seat will once again be flexible while still being non-slip.The bottle contains 100 ml.This cleanser and seat care is easily used by shaking the canister before use, spraying the product on the surface and wiping with a soft, clean cloth.

  • S100 chain cleaner for Kettenmax.Cleaning liquid and protection.This cleaner is specifically designed for use with the Kettenmax device, which you can see by clicking HERE.Optimal dosage and quick drying.Compatibility with O / X / Z-ring.500 ml bottle.This S100 chain cleaner is perfect for cleaning your chain fast and effortlessly.

  • Chain cleaning and lubrication device manufactured by Kettenmax.A clean solution to lubricate and clean your chain.It increases the useful life of your chain by 200-300% and saves the cost of chain replacement in a short time.A chain with maintenance Kettenmax stretches 30% less.The lubricant is not applied directly and thus does not stain the rear tire, rim or chassis but it is applied directly inside the chain with the Kettenmax system.You will also save money because you only spend the necessary lubricant without wasting anything.Contaminated and excessive fluids are removed and collected in a controlled mannerThe kit includes the Kettenmax system, tube and adapter range for spray pumps, pump filling bottle and detailed instructions for use.NOTE: The chain grease or cleaner is sold separately.The most common cause of a broken chain is the lack of maintenance so this Kettenmax system can not miss to always have your motorcycle ready.

  • Multipurpose cleaning liquid manufactured by S100.Special format to carry with you when traveling.This cleanser has an innovative formula that ensures that your paint stays dry without any watermarks.Eliminate dirt from your motorcycle easily and effortlessly, including insects, grease and oil.Gel formula with cleaning action that gently protects all surfaces of the bike.It has no acids at all.100 ml bottle.This multi-purpose cleaning liquid is perfect to always carry it on your motorcycle and have it flawless at any time

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    Multipurpose cleaning liquid manufactured by S100.This cleanser has an innovative formula that ensures that your paint stays dry without any watermarks.Eliminate dirt from your motorcycle easily and effortlessly, including insects, grease and oil.Gel formula with cleaning action that gently protects all surfaces of the bike.It has no acids at all.750 ml bottle.This multi-purpose cleaning liquid is perfect to have your custom motorcycle flawless.

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    Spray carnauba wax manufactured by S100.There are many ways that your motorcycle can lose its shine and dirt, thanks to the dirt of the road, insects, UV radiation, tree sap and many more, for this Carnauba wax provides lasting protection at the same time Which gives it brightness.Carnauba Booster Technology's special wax makes it incredibly easy to apply the world's toughest natural wax, the Carnauba, to your bike.The carnauba ensures that your motorcycle maintains the shine while repelling the water, when applied it remains a deep color and high gloss.The active ingredients guarantee a quick cleaning action, even for greasy dirt, without the need for water.It can be applied on any surface of the motorcycle, paint, metal, plastic and chrome.220 ml bottleEasily attach, just shake the can before use, spray on a soft, lint-free cloth (or directly on the surface) and spread evenly. Allow to dry for a short time and finish polishing with a clean, soft and lint-free cloth.

  • Water repellent spray made by S100.Very durable protection against moisture and water made especially for sanity and skin clothing.It also has an additive that provides UV protection to prevent bleaching.Quick and easy to apply.300 ml bottle.This spray repellent to the water can not miss for the rainy season and even more considering that it is recommended by the manufacturer of equipment for the driver Rukka.

  • Grease Chain Cleaner manufactured by S100.This grease cleanser has special ingredients that will help you remove grease from your chain with ease.When your chain is dirty or dusty it damages the lubrication and accelerates the wear, so it is preferable to clean all the dirty grease and to re-lubricate again.This cleaner applies directly to the chain and is also ideal for removing grease from the rear wheel rim.300 ml bottle.The S100 chain grease remover can not be missing in your garage or workshop.

  • Sealant Exhaust PipesSeal the joint between the manifold and the exhaust tail preventing leaksCreates 100% gas-tight pipe jointsPrevents oxidation of pipesFacilitates assembly and reduces stressHardens with exhaust heatHeat resistant up to above 700 ° C150 g tube

  • White grease for spray chains manufactured by S100.Reduced special format for travel.Simply this fat is better since it has an extreme adhesion and is 3 times more effective.With this fat you can make up to double Kilometers since it has 3 times greater adhesion thanks to the new additives.It also has excellent penetration between the links that prevents wear.Excellent resistance to washing and rain.Anti-corrosion additives for longer lasting protection.The bottle contains 75 ml.This white fat for chains is essential for your travels.