Looking to give a unique and exclusive style to your bike? In section trims SpacioBiker you'll find endless trims for your bike. Step into the world of big bikes trims for SpacioBiker, where we have a wide range of trims all motorcycle home. You take your bike your personality. It will become an extension of you. From the most aggressive to the most original figures. We have trims for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Some decorative trims have different usabilidades beyond simple decoration and act as intermittent or stop light. Da step and encourage to wear your bike giving it special accessories for your brand and identify with it. About tastes nothing written, so, from SpacioBiker we encourage you to give your original touch and make your bike is different, unique and special.



SKU. SPBK- 60139

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14,79 €

Final price

14,79 €

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