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    With the BIKECARE Gel motorcycle cleaner and the 5-piece motorcycle brush set, you can clean your motorcycle gently but thoroughly. The RINGING DYNAMIC brake cleaner is not only suitable for effective brake cleaning, but can also be used beautifully for the carburetor, clutch, engine or transmission.In order to not only shine your motorcycle but also your equipment, you can find BIKECARE proper care in this practical bucket: Soft Textile Wash & Care, helmet and visor cleaner and hull upholstery cleaner.Content:     750 ml BikeCare Motorcycle Cleaner Gel     200ml BikeCare Textile Wash & Care     150 ml BikeCare helmet and visor cleaner     BikeCare 150 ml Hull upholstery cleaner     400 ml RacingDynamic Brake Cleaner     5 pieces Motorcycle brush set     10 ltr. Cube incl. top