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    Ref. 2820-3933

    Jacket Alpinestar andes V2 drystar gray and black for all seasons.Made of reinforced polyester and very resistant.The Alpinestar andes V2 drystar gray and black jacket incorporates the Drystar Waterproof and breathable membrane.Easy removable long-sleeved thermal inner lining.New DVS ventilation system (Direct Ventilation System) with air inlets with zips on the chest and back. The DVS integrates a hidden closing cord that allows an adjustment of the air flowRemovable protections on elbows, shoulders and chest approved.Reinforcements in printed polymer in the areas of the elbow and the lower part of the arms that offer great flexibility and resistance to abrasion.Preformed sleeves with elastic accordion panels on the elbows to reduce fatigue during driving.Neck with integrated flexible hem and 3D mesh.Adjustment using a Velcro belt at the waist.Zip at the waist for connection to the ANDES DRYSTAR V2 trousers.Includes retroreflective details.With front cargo pockets, waterproof, exterior pockets with zip, waterproof outer pockets as well as a large outer pocket in the lumbar area.If you are looking for an off-road jacket, the Alpinestar andes V2 drystar gray and black jacket will be your best option.

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    44,50 € 56,95 € -12,45 € Dto.
    Ref. 892428

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Top-quality sweatshirt from the well-known manufacturer Biltwell.Made of cotton and polyester (280 gm) of the best quality.Color: BlackAvailable in multiple sizes.

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    16,90 € 25,00 € -8,10 € Dto.
    Ref. GMD1023

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt.High quality transfer.Available color: Black

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    52,90 € 65,95 € -13,05 € Dto.
    Ref. 218123

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.King Kerosin hoodie oldschool rodder.Characteristics:          Zip sweatshirt          Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester.          Printing on the front.          Color: Black Price by unit 

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    25,90 € 32,90 € -7,00 € Dto.
    Ref. 218436

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Nice t-shirt Cafe racer Motorcycle.High quality printingWith a special wash that makes a soft touch.Round neck.Made of 100% cotton.This cafe racer motorcycle shirt will become one of your favorites.

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    34,50 € 43,95 € -9,45 € Dto.
    Ref. 218391

    VALID OFFER TO EXHAUST STOCKSNew article.T-shirt with Diablo Rapido design manufactured by Lethal Threat.Neck with round shape.Stamped on both sides, by the smaller front.Made of 100% cotton.This beautiful shirt Lethal Threat fast devil can not miss in your closet.

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    Ref. 927886

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.T-shirt of the prestigious and well-known manufacturer King Kerosin.Made of 100% cottonModel: Hellride snakeColor: Atlantic blueEuropean sizeExclusive design.

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    12,50 € 16,95 € -4,45 € Dto.
    Ref. 218485

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Army Bandit olive green t-shirt.Front print "Gasoline Bandit"Round neck.Made in 100% cotton.Olive green colorThis army bandit shirt will fit very well with jeans.

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    69,95 € 87,95 € -18,00 € Dto.
    Ref. 21843003

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Gray Hoodie West Coast Choppers MechanicZip sweatshirtHigh quality material: 80% Cotton, 20% polyester.Small logo on the frontPrinting on the back.GrayPrice by unit

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    19,90 € 26,95 € -7,05 € Dto.
    Ref. 888637

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Spectacular t-shirt with prints on chest and back made by the well-known manufacturer Easyriders.Available in several sizes.Model: Barber Flag.Price by unit  

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    29,95 € 40,00 € -10,05 € Dto.
    Ref. 93-565

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Deus Ex Machina shirts with exclusive and distinctive designs.Made of high quality cotton.Color: BlackAvailable in several sizes.Price by unit  

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    25,50 € 32,90 € -7,40 € Dto.
    Ref. 50837403

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCK.New article.Sweatshirt from the manufacturer Jesse James.This Jesse James sweatshirt is 100% cotton, heavy and very good quality.Jesse James logo on the front.Gray and blue color.Price by unit.Sweatshirt with a beautiful design and maximum comfort.

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    349,00 € 537,55 € -188,55 € Dto.
    Ref. 539419

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKItem with tare. It has a superficial scratch on the upper part of the shell, as you can see in the images. Dmd Handmade Smile open face helmet  is ideal for city driving because of its comfort and design as it is the most fitting helmet approved that exists in the market. It is made of Carbon Kevlar which makes it a safe and sturdy helmet. Hand painted shell . Its interior is fully washable and removable. Double-D ring ECE APPROVED

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    149,90 € 241,90 € -92,00 € Dto.
    Ref. 219010

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCK.New article.Characteristics:Soft cowhide of high quality.Reinforced in the area of change.Waterproof and breathable with Sympatex membrane.Heel reflectorTextile lining 100% polyamide.2 side zippersAnkle protection.Rubber sole.Height approximately 33cm.

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    3,00 € 12,00 € -9,00 € Dto.
    Ref. H51-32000

    SET DE 3 PIEZAS DE TIRAS CROMADAS. el set incluye 3 unidades de las siguientes medidas: -15 cm -22.5 cm -30 cm equipadas con auto-adhesivo.  

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    Ref. 10033887

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Spectacular mini Tombstone led rear light with high quality license plate holder.Includes plate for registration.Measures: 125 x 60 x 71 mm.Finished in chrome of first quality.Completely change the aesthetics of your motorcycle thanks to this mini Tombstone led tail light.

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    Ref. 10047623

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew articleThese high-performance brake pads Brembo, the world leader in disc brake technology, are the product of years of experience trying to continuously improve the braking system.The metallic particles determine the coefficient of the friction brake pad, while the lubricants contribute to the braking stability and the abrasives keep the brake discs clean.They ensure extremely efficient braking in all conditionsValid for several models of Harley Davidson that you can see clicking HERE.The optimal alternative for your original brake padsGood disc compatibility - suitable for all steel brake discs.The price is for a valid brake disc kitLEAD*** SINTERED

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    49,99 € 63,75 € -13,76 € Dto.
    Ref. FOL-2

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCK.New article.Special tool for measuring and adjusting the oil level in the shock absorbers.It has a suction pump to extract the oil and regulate the oil at the recommended level. 

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    275,99 € 299,00 € -23,01 € Dto.

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article."BIGGER" RIGID STRETCH MANUFACTURED IN HIGH CAPACITY FIBER FOR 2 HELMETSCharacteristics:     Dimensions: 55cm (Width) x 40cm (depth) x 31cm (height)     Fiberglass manufacturing.     Elegant design of new aerodynamic lines.     Capacity: 55 liters.     Lock with key     Superior opening with reinforced hinges and double endurance tape.     Double tape to keep the lid open.     Base gray color ready to be painted or directly lacquered.

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    Ref. 1721-1429

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Semi-sintered rear brake pads Harley davidson Big Twin 08-16Brake pads replace the original ones, made of sintered compound.The photographs shown are generic and do not correspond to the advertised model.Valid for the following H-D models. FXSTB, FXSTC, FLSTC, FLSTF, FLSTN, FXCW / C, 08-16Replaces OEM 42298-08Price per couple

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    26,99 € 40,50 € -13,51 € Dto.
    Ref. 44-0647

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.This trim will follow the chrome line of your bike giving the front of your bike more elegance and personalizationValid only for Harley Davidson models with 3/4 "axle including double thread, one for each side of the axle.Made in the USAPrice per coupleIf your front axle does not include a thread for each side you must acquire the axle valid for your motorcycle model, we have the following length measurements:12 15/16 "(ref.44-0667)13.5 "(ref.44-0638)14 "(ref.44-0646)14.5 "(ref.44-0148)15 "(ref.44-0652)16 "(ref.44-0149)Note: The axle is made of crude steel without chroming.

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    71,99 € 107,73 € -35,74 € Dto.
    Ref. H54-200

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKnew article.Premium watch for your handlebarValid for 22mm and 25mm handlebarsUnbeatable chrome.  

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    25,99 € 36,50 € -10,51 € Dto.
    Ref. 10034706

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Oil temperature marker honda vt600 c aluminum.White background with pointer.Adapter made of aluminum.Measuring range: 20 ° C -140 ° C.Easy installation.Valid for Honda vt600 c.Oil temperature marker deep vt600 c high quality ideal to control the temperature at all times.

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    69,99 € 96,75 € -26,76 € Dto.
    Ref. GZ-175003

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Universal control unit chrome with white dial.Diameter: 48 mm.This panel contains the following indicators: intermittent, long light, neutral and battery.White background, 48mm diameter, 12V.

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    Ref. DS-241055

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCK.New article. Kick pedal model Rail for Harley Davidson (several models), from 1936 to 1986.Original and very exclusive.This model Rail start pedal includes the pedal cap and the spring washer.Chrome finish with inserts in black rubber.Price by unit.Starter model Rail pedal perfect to keep maintaining the most classic style on your Harley.

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    320,00 € 450,00 € -130,00 € Dto.
    Ref. 20796254

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Spectacular jacket of the prestigious brand Held of great quality and made with premium leather.Characteristics:     Hydrophobic treatments.     It has a removable lining 100% thermal and polar polyester.     4 external pockets     1 inner pocket     Color: Black     Ventilation zippers on the front and back     Rückenraffung waistbandYou will not fail to rely on the well-known brand Held, because with this jacket you will be able to ride a motorcycle safely but elegantly.

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    249,00 € 291,50 € -42,50 € Dto.
    Ref. TR/093751

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Essential leather jacket features a removable liningIt has 2 frontal suction grilles and 2 rear exhaust grilles for maximum air flowBack reinforcements that provide greater mobility in the driving positionInterior and exterior pockets offer plenty of storage spaceYour Snap-down collar provides a secure fitUnbeatable qualityMade in the USA 

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    269,00 € 341,75 € -72,75 € Dto.
    Ref. 207119

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Sportswear jacket made of durable cowhide. Elastic areas on the back to ensure maximum freedom of movement.Characteristics :     Cowhide leather     Valid for the whole year     Fit in sleeves and waist     2 outside pockets     2 inside pockets + 1 phone pocketProtection:     Removable HTP protectors on shoulders and elbows     Adjustable height elbow protector   Material:     Heavy-duty cow skin, min. 1.1 mm     Fixed mesh lining, 100% polyester

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    235,00 € 291,00 € -56,00 € Dto.
    Ref. TR/093806

    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.High quality leather offers protection and comfort inside and outside the motorcycleIncorporates padded lining for optimal temperature Allows more freedom of movement in the driving positionThe function of your Snap-down collar maintains a secure fit in the windSeveral interior and exterior pockets offer plenty of storage spaceAdjustable waist strap offers a more precise fit 

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    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKNew article.Adjustable chrome handle.Valid for SUZUKI models:C800 / VL800 / M800 and VZ800Valid for KAWASAKI models:VN900, VN800 Driftr, VN1600; VN2000, VN1500 99-01Price by unit.