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    Black simple detail support manufactured by T & T.Black housing with screw cap.This support can be placed directly with the M8 screw or the handlebar with the included clamp.Clock and thermometer NOT included, you can see the clock valid for this support by clicking HERE or the thermometer by clicking HERE.Color blackWith this support simple detail T & T negrp you can put the clock or thermometer on your handlebar in sight.

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    Double black support for the placement on the watch handlebar and thermometer.The measures are:Base of markers: 73mm Width x 33mm Height x 13mm depth.Total width of the support: 73mmTotal support height: 66mmTotal depth of the support: 45mm.Diameter of the dial sphere: 22mmColor blackIt is valid for 22 and 25.4 mm handlebars.You can see the valid clock for this support by clicking HERE and the thermometer by clicking HERE.With this support detail double T & T black you can give a different touch to your bike.

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    Ref. 10034781

    Analog watch manufactured by T & T.It is of good quality with mineral glass and stainless steel.Battery included.Includes an adhesive pad.Measurements: 26mm in diameter and 7mm in height.WaterproofThe battery should only be changed by a watchmaker to ensure that the watch remains waterproof and to avoid damaging the case or glass.We have a matching thermometer that you can see by clicking HERE and individual or double supports that you can see by clicking HERE.This T & T analog watch with 26mm is perfect because it fits in the area of the marker of any motorcycle or car.

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    Ref. 10034737

    Analog thermometer manufactured by T & T.Housing made of stainless steel.Mark in a range of -20º C to + 50º C.Includes an adhesive pad.Measurements: 25mm in diameter and 7mm in height.Resistant to rainWe have a matching clock that you can see by clicking HERE and individual or double supports that you can see by clicking HERE.This analog thermometer T & T is perfect because it fits in the area of the marker of any motorcycle or car.

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    Kawasaki oil temperature marker in500 aluminum.Aluminum adapter.The engine oil does not develop its optimum lubrication performance until it reaches approximately 80 ° C.Its measuring range is 20 ° C -140 ° C.Marker with indicating needle and with blank background.Easy installation.Valid for kawasaki en500.Kawasaki oil temperature marker en500 with which you can control the temperature at all times for your safety and that of your motorcycle.

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    Oil temperature marker honda vt600 c aluminum.White background with pointer.Adapter made of aluminum.Measuring range: 20 ° C -140 ° CEasy installation.Valid for Honda vt600 cOil temperature marker deep vt600 c high quality ideal to control the temperature at all times.

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    Includes bracket made of chrome aluminumIt has green, red and blue LED lightsKit priceA simple and minimalist way to install warning lights

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    60mm speedometer in km/h with white background.White and silver dial.Mark in kilometers per hour.Transmission: 2:1.Up to 220kms.Includes 4 indicator lights, long light, Neutral and oil warning.Odometer ideal to replace by yours and customize the bike to your liking.     

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    Ref. 10035337

    Multifunction electronic marker manufactured by Koso.This dial includes speedometer, odometer, travel counter, tachometer, temperature gauge, voltmeter, fuel gauge plus a gearshift indicator.With type approval for Germany.It has five levels of brightness, in a selection of blue, orange and light pink.Characteristics:     Speedometer: With display range from 0 - 360 km / h (0 - 225 mph, units: km / h or mph and a reaction time less than 0.5 seconds.        Odometer: Display range of 0 - 99999 km (miles), automatic restart after 99999 km (miles) with unit: 100 m.        Travel counter: display range: 0 - 999.9 km (miles), automatic restart after 999.9 km (miles).    Hour Meter: Display Range: 0 - 99999 hours.    Travel hours counter: Display range: 0.0 - 999.9 hours with unit: 0.1 hour.    Tire circumference: Adjustment range: 300 mm - 2500 mm     Tachometer: Display range: 0 - 10000/0 - 12000/0 - 15000 rpm    Unit: 10000 rpm - each level corresponds to 166 rpm, 12000 rpm - each level corresponds to 200 rpm,    15000 rpm - each level corresponds to 250 rpm. Red, yellow Rpm    Setting range: 1000 - 15000 rpm        Light switch: Adjustment unit: 100 rpm with warning light on (F-OFF) flashing (F-ON) Max. speed achieved    Display range: 0 - 10000/0 - 12000/0 - 15000 rpm. Rpm 0.5, 1 - 6 input signal number settings        Rpm input: HI (CDI), Lo (contacts).        Unit Temperature: Unit: ° C or ° F        Thermometer: Display Range: 0.0 - 250.0 ° C (32.0 - 482.0 ° F) Unit: 0.1 ° C (° F)        Temperature warning: Setting range: 60 - 250 ° C (140 - 482 ° F) (Water temperature): 1 ° C (° F) Maximum temperature setting range: 0 - 250 ° C (32 - 482 ° F) ° F)        Fuel level: Display range: 6 levels. Unit: each level corresponds to 16.6%        Clock: 24 hours        Voltmeter: Display range: DC 8 V - 18 V. Warning as soon as the voltage drops below 11.5 V or rises above 15.5 V        Brightness: Setting range: 1-5 (dark); 5-5 (bright)        Effective Voltage: DC 12V        Effective temperature range: -10 ° C - + 60 ° C (14 ° F - + 140 ° F)Measurements: 120 mm wide, 68.5 mm high and 44.1 mm deep.Passive Speed ​​Sensor: BF019005The range of the gear indicator is: N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Note: Installation requires expert knowledge of vehicle electricity

  • Valid for models H-D FL 68-84, FX 71-72, SOFTAIL 84-90, FXWG 80-86Price by unitMade of high quality cast zincBlack finishThis panel with black finish has the same quality as the original        

  • Valid for H-D Softail FLSTF / B / BS, FLSTN 11-17 modelsPrice by unitMade of high quality cast zincBlack finishManufactured in high quality material, this instrument panel has a black finish        

  • Panel made of high strength black cast zincValid for H-D Softail models 91-95Price by unitGive your Softail a dark touch with this black instrument panel        

  • Marker with rpm and km / h very easy to install on H-D models SOFTAIL 00-03, FLHR 94-03Black sphereMark in kilometers per hour and rpmUp to 220 KM / HPrice by unitDoes not include wiringYou can already have odometers and revolutions in the same marker

  • Replaced by the original marker, very easy to installBlack sphereMark in kilometers per hourUp to 220 KM / HPrice by unitDoes not include wiringMarker in km / h very easy to install in H-D models SOFTAIL 00-03, FLHR 94-03

  • Digital marker made by Koso model DB-EX 02Very practical and compact.Indicator lights (right - left), OBD motor (yellow), warning light (red oil), cross light (blue) and neutral (green).Odometro from 0 to 99.999 KmKm counter from 0 to 999.99 km.Tire circumference adjustment 300 - 2,500 mm.It has hour counter from 0 to 9.999.9.Clock that can dial in 12 or 24 hours.Voltmeter 8 V - 18 V.Temperature from -10ºC to 60ºCIt has internal CR2032 battery for the watch.Measures: 120 mm wide x 40 mm deep x 23 mm high.The installation of this marker should be by a professional of the sector.If you are looking for a marker that shows what you want to know at the first glance this digital marker Koso DB-EX 02 is what you were looking for. 

  • High quality sensor that replaces the original sensorValid for Harley Davidson V-Rod 02-04 modelsPrice by unitReplaced by the original, this sensor is specific to V-Rod models Note: The image shown may not match the advertised model.

  • Cable harness that replaces the OEM.Includes all OEM meter functions, including Check Engine LightInstalling Plug-in on Models 99-03Available in mph or km / hValid for the following H-D models: Softail 96-03, Road King 96-03, Dyna Wide Glide 96-03Wiring harness necessary to enjoy the bike by controlling all the information of the OEM odometer.     

  • Maintains the functionality of the indicator light with an LED unit when using the RSD coffee odometer bracketFive LED lights on an arc-resistant outdoor unit allow all warning and OEM indicator functions30.48 cm cable. Of lengthCable insulation fits OEM wiring for ease of installationWires must be weldedMade in the USAOnly valid for the installation of RSD coffee cup holdersYou can now complete your transformation with the warning lights for RSD coffee cup holders

  • The headlight and instrument cluster odometer holder lowers the position of the headlight and instrumentation to a more elegant position from the upper handlebar clamp to the lower clamp and lowers the standard headlamp 2 inchesThis allows the use of aftermarket elevators or eliminate them completely and replace them with clip-ons RSD Café of 39 mmBLack Ops TerminationDoes not include warning lights that are optionally suppliedChange the look of your Sportsters with this odometer holder         

  • Speed sensor, for electronic odometer models Harley Davidson Dyna 95-05, Touring 94-96Spare parts for electronic speedometersThey are adapted in the transmission of the models that of factory are equipped with these odometersReplaces OEM 74420-94CPrice by unitWith this sensor that replaces the original, you can enjoy a spare that exceeds the qualities of the original

  • Speed Sensor for Harley Davidson Sportster 04 Electronic OdometerReplaces OEM 74402-04AReplacement sensors for electronic odometers. They are adapted in the transmission of the models that of factory are equipped with these odometersPrice by unitReplaced by the original spare part, this sensor exceeds the qualities of the original part

  • Replacement sensors for electronic odometers. They are adapted in the transmission of the models equipped with these odometersValid for H-D Softail models 00-06, Touring 04-06Replaces OEM 74430-00DElectronic speedometer speed sensorNow you can replace your old speed sensor with this very good quality model

  • Electronic speedometer speed sensorValid for H-D Softail models 96-99Replaces OEM 74437-96BReplacement sensors for electronic odometers. They are adapted in the transmission of the models equipped with these odometersReplaces and exceeds the qualities of the original spare part

  • SENSOR DE VELOCIDAD MMB CON BRIDA Sensor de velocidad Hall de la prestigiosa marca MMB. Posee un diseño cilindrico para el registro de la velocidad sin necesidad de contacto. Funciona a través de las supuerficies de hierro de las cabezas de los tornilos, discos o ruedas dentadas y no requiere de magneto PRECIO POR UNIDAD.

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    VALID OFFER UNTIL ITS OUT OF STOCKIncomplete article: missing screws, the image is real, the kit is what you see in the picture.Mechanical odometer with ratio 1.1Measurement: Km / hEasy-to-read white dialPanel made of chromed metal to mirror with lights of oil and ignition lights.It has hole for the installation of key of contactPanel valid for the following Harley Davidson models:FL 1948-1967FXWG 1980-1983FXD 1991-1995Recover all the splendor and rejuvenate your Harley with this panel kit with tachometer      

  • The engine carries an oil temperature around 80 ° C -Few vehicles are equipped with a suitable instrument to check the temperatureJust replace the oil filler cap with this handy indicator.The air bubble in the glass peephole is used to compensate the oil for damping the thermal fluctuations.Measuring range: 20 ° C - 140 °Valid for Suzuki VS 800 modelsYou can now control the temperature of the motorcycle oil thanks to this temperature marker  

  • Oil temperature sensor for MMB indicatorsMade of brassWith round connector (6.3 mm)Length: 32 mm, thread: 1/8 "-27 NPT, +50 ° C → +150Universal oil temperature sensor with threadSpecific for MMB markers

  • Oil temperature sensor for MMB indicatorsMade of stainless steelWith round connector (6.3 mm)Length: 32 mm, thread: M10 x 1.0, +50 ° C → +150 ° CUniversal oil temperature sensor with threadValid for mmb electronic oil temperature instruments

  • Mechanical Odometer Harley Davidson Softail 91-95Replaces OEM 67027-91ABlack SphereMarking in MILES PER HOURDirect replacement odometer of the Harley Davidson OEM part 1991-1995Valid for all models H-D Softail between the year 91-95 mechanic with speed control on the front wheel and intermittent automatic shutdown.Odometer cable with metric threaded nut is required 12Relationship. 2240: 60Price by unit       

  • Koso D64 Multifunction Electronic Marker with E-ApprovedControl all the functions of your bike at a glance with this multifunctional marker using a small spaceThe display shows the speed, odometer, tachometer and oilFits any engine or tire sizeNeutral indicator lights, long-range light, emergency lights, oil pressure.TUV certificate